Essays, columns, the works - non-fiction.

  Author: Title: Synopsis:
  Komonda Forging the New Frontier Value and respect in real and online life, with a special look on the values of Star Trek and Star Wars.
  A Personal Look At Mourning Tragedy Written in the wake of the World Trade Center bombings, this essay deals with the stages of mourning.
  Matt Reflections From The Past Meeting a crazy guy and getting involved in the football team.
  M'Tabek Should we Put the Gay Issue to Rest? Why should a gay character be included in Star Trek, and is it possibly too late to do so?
  Simple Perspectives Darth Vader, Martin Luther King and Plato's Allegory of the Cave are merged to enlighten the reader. Is ignorance really bliss?
  Looking Through The Prism An essay about Otherness in society and the freedom to be what you are.
  Life Within A Box An essay on how media views and portrays homosexuality, written in 2002.

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