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  Writers' Guild Competition #1: OTF Nostalgia

  Author: Title: Synopsis:
  A.J. 1920's Cantina A rainy night, a seedy Jazz bar, and some half-known faces.
Competition Winner
  Aleka untitled OTF's a lot like high school, but you're here of your own free will.
  Balco Terrell Owens vs. CT A strange meeting at the Downtown market.
  Bria untitled OTF, spaceships, and the quest for Wookie kisses.
  Dmitri untitled What OTF can become - good or bad.
Competition Runner-Up
  Gelen A living island in an arid desert A young Bajoran is assigned to Outpost 10F.
  SB's Girl (Aka General Kathryn O'Neill) What OTF means to me You get out of OTF what you put into it. An essay.

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