What OTF means to me

by SB's Girl (Aka General Kathryn O'Neill)
  What does OTF mean to me? Well it can mean a lot of things. It can mean a place to hang out, a place to go to when you get bored or it can be a place where you can have fun. But to me, it means a lot of things.

To me it means friends to talk to from other places. When I get down, they lift me up and make me laugh. I don't have many friends here but I got quite a bit on OTF. I have fun in OTF. I like being part of the departments. They are inspirational and understanding and welcoming to everyone. Being a part of the committees is being part of OTF and the fun.
In the Trivia committee, I get to be a part of the trivias sometimes, and others I get to do the trivia, as in answering questions and getting points for sillies and serious. I have a lot of fun doing that. I actually got to host for the first time recently and I got do to the funny points, which is my area. I love to laugh and I love to have fun. I laughed quite a bit at the trivia and I had fun assisting the host, who is a Gem. I felt loved and a part of something.
In the Welcoming committee, which is also up my ally because I love to welcome people to OTF and Help them out if I can, is also a joy to do. I met a lot of new people there that I have never seen or talked to and I became friends with them. They greet me with a warm welcome when I joined the committee and I felt appreciated. I do my best to do my part for the committee.

Both committees are a part of me, even though I struggle from time to time. OTF is a part of my life and it has become part of me. I enjoy talking to people on OTF and hopefully they enjoy talking to me. I try to make people laugh when they are down and the always have a shoulder to lean on and a friend to talk to, someone who will listen. They are the same to me. I am glad I joined OTF when I did, cause if I hadn't I would not have the friends I have today. That is what OTF means to me.