May 2002 Mic Mustaine
We are proud to present our latest Outpost 10F member submission. Mic Mustaine . "Music lights a fire in me, no matter what genre of music you like, it all takes the same amount of skill and artistry to create."

April 2001 Floris de Vries
We are proud to present our newest Outpost 10F member submission. Floris de Vries (aka. Floris Solo, Fozzie). "I think everyone should try to be original and find his own style, because so do I, even though I haven't found it yet."

January 2001 Bjorn Lynne
We are proud to give you the music and interview of a composer in the computer game business, Bjorn Lynne. "I came into contact with the game industry through the Amiga demo scene...."

November 2000 Klau' HaQ
We are proud to give you the music and interview of another Outpost 10F member. "I totally hated music back then. I was one of the worst in the class *L* But the first time I put my hands on a clarinet, it was love at first sight..."
October 2000

Bruce deBoer
The Music Guild presents it's first interview of a web musician. Although he is not a member of Outpost 10F he is very talented and we wanted to introduce him and his talent to our community.
August 2000

Sonata Form
The Music Guild proudly presents it's first special member submission, with an interview, picture, and two original pieces of music. Sonata, a very prominent member of Outpost 10F, is an aspiring musical composer. He has also composed several Star Trek themed pieces, which can be found at on the credits page.
PeeVee (aka G0b)
"Why am I making music? A question I sometimes ask myself. I mean, I'm not a great musician, and I can usually express myself well enough by drawing. For the answer, let's go back to the time when I was 12..." More of his music can be found at his homepage.
This page is dedicated to the people who have submitted to us their own compositions. If you would like to submit your own music please email the Music Guild Staff. Include your name, email, type of music, the title and a short description of the piece (optional), and also include the music as an attachment. Please send only top quality music. Each piece will be judged and the staff has the right to deny or accept any music submitted for any reason. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the staff via the Contact Page or email. Also, if there is enough interest generated in the submissions, we will start holding contests.