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Welcome back everybody to the Poetry Guild. We realise that the down time was abit of inconvenience for you but it's for the best.

We are so pleased to present the Poetry Guild to the members of Outpost 10F Chatrooms. Each month we will try to portray a poet with a biography, their picture and a poem from their collection.

Each month we will we will have either an open or designated theme contest and the members will be able to submit their poetic offerings to be displayed at the Poetry Guild. There will be a poem selected every month and the winner will receive an award that they can put on their website. The award will also be displayed at the Poetry Guild.

At the Anniversary Ceremonies we have each year in August, a Poet of the Year award will be given which will be based on the monthly winners.

As most of you know, Poetry Guild has always put images with you submissions in the monthly contests. But, due to some copyright concerns and users unhappy with the image associated with their poem, we aren't doing this anymore. If you want an image put on your poem, you will need to put the url to it in the "Comments" section of the poem submission form, along with the copyright information or a link to the copyright information. We apologize for the inconvienience, but it is unavoidable.

So fellow poets we hope that you will get out those pens and paper and start to write. You may submit your poems here.

All poems, images, and related marks on this page and all linked pages are the property of their respective owners, and may not be used without explicit permission from the owners. This site is for non-commercial purposes only. Any misuse of copyright materials is purely accidental. All Outpost 10F Poetry Guild images, files, and associated marks are the property of Outpost 10F Guilds and its respective members. If you wish to add a link or post one of the poems from the contest pages on your own homepage, please contact us and we will provide you with the owner's email address.

July 2006 - Contest Winner
For the Poem Entry
"Lentils over Rice"

This Project Page was last updated by Poetry Guild on 08.01.06