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Lentils over Rice

~By Aleka

You said that I was beautiful,
With my hair in my face,
Curly, messy, after waking up today,
Your fingers caught in my hair,

I grimace at the taste of your coffee,
You hold out the mug and declare,
That it's the same brown as me,
I drink it down, a taste aquired.

You shake your head at my morning rituals,
Madness over method, anal retentive,
You plug in my curling iron without me even asking,
Telling me all the while, I'm gorgeous without pretense.

I swap the clothes you picked out,
Your colorblind and don't know better,
Orange, green, brown, they're all the same to you,
But looking at you, I know I wouldn't change a thing.

You laugh at me for eating lentils over rice,
Because it's not my culture,
Still you sit cross legged on the carpet,
And you humour me.

We got up early and watched the sunrise,
Over the ocean,
You didn't laugh when I told you it was beautiful,
You just nodded your head and agreed.

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