Attention Artists and Graphic Artists!!

The Outpost 10F Guilds are proud to present to you another competition held by the Artists' Guild. Please be aware of the deadline and note that there is a Magical/Mythical/Imaginary Creature Theme for this month's competition. Also make SURE you read the contest rules. The Guild would like to wish everyone luck and hope that you enjoy yourselves most of all.

Theme of the month: Jack-O-Lanterns

Theme: You may submit any type of art: digital graphics, watercolors, computer graphics, backgrounds, desktops, animation, flash, logos, banners, cartoons, anime, sculptures, paintings, etc. This contest is open to the entire Outpost 10F community and their members, so everyone join in.

Next Contest Deadline will be: October 21th, 2009.

Size: Please try to keep all submissions 5 MB or under, also to fit the pages properly they need to no wider than 500px.

ORIGINAL WORK ONLY To produce a copy or version of anothers work is a rendering and not original work. (Effective 6-1-02)

Make sure you follow these rules and guidelines. Send your name, title and work to Artists' Guild.