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Poetry Contest Entry

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening
Artist - Robert Frost
Robert Frost

God's Magic Paint Brush

~By Melody Ann Lee-Carte

As I walk through these woods
coated in a blanket of white
I know that this is the handiwork
God's magic paint brush in flight

He sketched each unique snowflake
then sent them swirling down
to cover the barren trees
and embrace the vacuous ground

He clothed the mountain with lace
then molded it by His hand
to make a lovely sculpture
that adorns this Holy land

He breathed upon the water
to form the frosted stream
and has colored this countryside
to look like a bowl of cream

As I look at God's handiwork
a tapestry of snow I see
the magic jewel of nature
God has painted just for me

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