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tribute to light
Artist - Unknown
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Mixed Emotions

~By Kapeka

With heavy heart we still mourn, our loved ones that we lost

Each passing day memory still evades our daily repertoire

Unanswered questions still remain like a story yet untold

The ghost of Hamlet does come out and fills our head with doubts

Does the dead awaken us with shouts of justice and revenge

Do we heed the cry to arms for them to ease our consciousness

Can mankind plead temporary insanity on that day now in infamy

And then start anew

Like a brand new day

For our children’s children sake

I sit and ponder what should be

On how to make things right

But it is hard to separate anger, fate, love and hate

In the middle of the night

But with the dawn springs hope anew

With light to brighten our way

Peace must prevail

Without fail

For life’s to precious waste!

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