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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Unknown

It Hurt

~Aussie Lore

It hurt, watching that incident on TV.
It hurt even more knowing that lives were lost.
And here I am! On the other side of the world
Safe, secure. Dammit, ALIVE.

I told the Captain of the Fire Brigade I'm in
"They need people, put my name down, I'll go"
I was only 18, but ready, I'd help.
But it hurt cos I couldn't do a damn thing.

I feel for those who lost a family member,
A friend or comrade.
Even more, I mourn for the firefighters,
My 'brothers', even though we've never met.

They did their jobs, and gallantly at that.
They lost their lives, doing what they loved.
What a way to go. A way to be remembered.
As part of the never-forgotten 11th of September.

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