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Poetry Contest Entry

We Will Remember
Artist - David Margules

Seeking Revenge

~By Amanda Sielu Paris

In a moment the world stood still
Science could never explain how Earth stopped turning
Right then nothing could be explained
And nothing was certain

Our eyes told us lies
There was nothing we could trust
In disbelief that follows us today, we watched
In a world we thought we knew, we waited

Blue skies turned grey with dust
Anything tall seemed to bow in sorrow
And for a moment we were down
In a moment we might have crumbled

Caught between our tears and anger are our hearts
To want revenge like we do is wrong
In this blind moment we want to punish
Hurting our own if responsible isn't questioned

Justice is craved as the heart overcomes the mind
Passionately we are awakened to show them just how bad it will get
So let the responsible fear this day
Because we're seeking revenge

In God's Care I Leave You -

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