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Poetry Contest Entry

Mind's Eye Meditation
Artist - Valnick

Falling Through Space

~Midshipman Princess Leia

So black, and empty, and cold...
What is this place? Where did it begin?
Does it ever stop...is this what death is like?
I lower my shades and run, terrified; for the safety of ignorance.

Everything I know is wrong.
Maybe this is death...
I open the shades and the storm closes in.
I'm dying without victory...it's too soon.
I didn't get to see the purpose of my life fulfilled...
As broken promises shatter, the void is unchanging.

Have I closed the shades and forgotten;
This is a different kind of darkness.
Oh, listen! I hear music!
Racing like an adrenaline rush; but now it is slower
The band must be tired. Time to put the instruments in their cases...
But wait! Please...don't stop now. I don't want the music to stop yet!
Don't leave me out here alone...

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