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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Michael Cox
Michael Cox by permission

A New Beginning

~By Katy Whitton

The stars shone brightly in a beautiful sky
Undisturbed by ships passing by
Bending light is all around
Whizzing by without a sound
"Warp Speed" The Captain Said
And into the dark skies they sped.

Planets, Galaxies all flying by
As the ship dives deeper into the sky
"All Stop" the Captain cried,
Uncertain of what lay before their eyes
A bright white light and then it was gone
In the distance a star was born

The crew stared in wonder at the magnificent site
All fixed on the small glowing ball of light
And as it expanded they all new that soon
Life would start forming on some desolate moon
Warmed by the light of this golden Sun
"The journey" the captain said "has just begun"

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