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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Grandmother Beth
© Grandmother Beth


~By Wordwrangler

Why he had to suffer so
I’ll never understand
In all my days upon the earth
I’ve met no greater man
He gave freely of himself
Yet asked for no return
Held firmly to his beliefs
Never did he spurn
He lavished love onto his kids
And even more than that
Was never too pre-occupied
To sit and have a chat
He was a doting husband
To his loving wife
And all the folks in his small town
Knew him upon sight
He had that special twinkle
That sparkled in his eye
Please dear Lord, tell me
Why grandpa had to die
His body first betrayed him
His legs just wouldn’t work
An active man his whole life
Yet now he had to shirk
Lou Gherig’s they called it
But hell is what it was
A long and slow decaying
As faculties turned to fuzz
I watched this man of vigor
As his body did unwind
Struggle for his dignity
For it doesn’t affect the mind
He watched and smiled bravely
As his body fell apart
But no power on God’s green earth
Could take my grandpa’s heart
Soon he couldn’t lift his arms
Then he couldn’t lift his head
We had to roll him on his side
And take him out of bed
But even near the end
When he could no longer eat
The spark remained in his eyes
He’d not admit defeat
Then that final fateful day
His lungs refused to breathe
And the greatest man I ever knew
Went to heaven I believe

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