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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Jeffrey K. Bedrick
© 2001 Jassimine.com

Day Of Delight

~By Robert Griffith

Speckled rays of rusty clouds roll through my mind,
Wafting in on citrus cirrus air,
Thoughts of scarce and scared memories past,
Collect in the cirrus rind.

Beams of baby blue wander unto my sight,
Drift through peacefully on peachy days,
Recollections of better times then and now,
Seed to days of infancy light.

For then to follow a story’s mellow marmalade morning,
Dawn circling rays of a yellow moon,
Twilight descending from a humid human mind,
Disperse on unneeded sleepy warning.

Asleep I fall this gray serenely stratus night,
To slumber silently on pillows dark,
Dreaming dreams of lost dreamy things,
In a culminating cumulus flight.

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