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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Steffan Wolfe
© Phoenix@Nova1.net

Succumb the Dark

~By Natalie Repetto

Swift as the clouds that strangle the moon
I move unseen through midnight shadows
For night sings sweet hypnotic tune
And lapping lulling, heady fuel
Claim refuge in its throes.

Softly embraced by feverous dreams
Of thirst that only flesh may quench
Sealed by darkness’ sinister seams
Aroused by taste of crimson lust
Disgusted by its stench.

Taking my fill of pleasures vile
‘Til filth placate fat pulsing veins
Appeased once more cruel heavens smile
And whisper love with putrid breath
But love spilt bloody, stains.

Night’s cunning song with mercy fades
To memories obscure of torturous ache
Retreats from sun’s omniscient gaze
Let light’s salvation purge foul sin
‘Til moon sweet promise make.

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