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Poetry Contest Entry

Paranoia strikes deep in the Heartland
Artist - Unknown
Jan Even personlig


~By Kittykat

It's late October just after four,
When I hear a knocking at my door,
I get out of bed put my feet on the floor,
to see who is knocking at my door.

I creep to the window to take peek,
No one is there so I start to sneak,
Down the stairs which groan and creak,
I reach the bottom then hear a shriek.

A shriek of terror outside my door,
I freeze to the spot I can move no more,
The noise chills me to the very core,
Who is that shrieking outside my door?

I inch slowly closer feet like lead,
I know I should never have left my bed,
My body shaking, a cold sweat on my forehead,
I reach the door and open it with dread.

I close my eyes tight afraid to see,
What it is that is screaming as loud as can be,
But suddenly silence is all around me,
I open my eyes but it's all empty.

I pull the door right open and look all around,
To see if I can see what was making that sound,
But the night is all clear, no one to be found,
Then I turn my eyes to the ground.

And I see who was knocking at my door,
Their mouth wide open but shrieking no more,
Their eyes open in fear but seeing no more,
And I start to scream like never before.

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