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Poetry Contest Entry

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*Oiche Sámhain

~By Scamall
9ú Deireadh Fómhair

Long and wavering shadows dance menacingly across the floor,
Nights are bitter and cold now,
Auburn carpets cover the ground,
The approaching darkness a warning to all,
Nature has not changed the setting,
Still time has played a more devious trick.

Sámhain, Oiche Sámhain,
Oh most evil of nights,
Where all that was darkness to the soul walked freely across the land.
Every door shut tight, every fire burned bright,
Silent prayers to gods long gone to keep the bewitchement from the door,
Only Druids dared the darkness,
Walking, chanting, binding the forces,
Tall stone circles and ancient mounds,
The ceremonial battle field of life and death.

Sámhain, Oiche Sámhain,
How things have changed,
Your bonfires burn as bright,
now warming other dancers in the night,
But the ancient Druids place is taken,
By children, masks and bedtime forsaken,
Costumed forms fill the night,
With laughter and shouting , bobbing apples and nuts,
Popcorn , pennies fireworks,
Peels of happiness as sacks fill up.

Sámhain, Oiche Sámhain,
But have things really changed?
Your darkness still pours forth,
Freed for one night to walk amongst the living,
No more Celtic warriors to fight,
Only children playing in the night,
Where once the spells of long dead shaman,
Attacked the blackness with mystery and magic,
Evil battles now the lanterns of youth clad devils, witches and clowns.

Sámhain, Oiche Sámhain,
Oh most hollowed of eves,
All is still the same.
The dance continues.

[*Sámhain is the Irish for Halloween, Oiche is the Irish for night,
the two together are Halloween night, Deireadh Fómhair=October.]

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