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Poetry Contest Entry

Trick or Treat
Artist - Unknown
2000 Dandelion, Inc

Dressed In Their Best

~By Zandetta

Halloween started
With family fun
Kids decked in costumes
Fast on the run

Parents greeting neighbors
While battling sore feet
Kids ringing doorbells
Getting handful of treats

So here is a description
Of how they were dressed
Some funny, or scarey
Looking their best

A strong fierce Warrior
Missing some teeth
Out numbered by girls
Charged on in the lead

A Lady Enchantress
Meaning no harm
Mesmerized all
Under her charm

Next was a wicked witch
Who had to confess
Wished for a broomstick
To give her legs a rest

There was glamorous Barbie
With speedy Gonzales feet
Eagerly rang doorbells
Shouting trick or treat

Finally, a cutie dino
Who had waddled along
To each and every home
Fell asleep before long

Yes, all were exhausted
But each child had a grin
Their Halloween buckets
Were full to the brim

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