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Poetry Contest Entry

Halloween Celebration
Artist - Collage by Z
Star Trek, Paramount

Halloween Celebration

~By Drongo

"Resistance is futile!" Seven of Nine did mention,
Before passing out from alcohol intoxication.
For the beverage served by the Talaxian guy
Had been spiked by Paris with something sly.
He figured the crew might get a laugh
From seeing the busty borg babe barf.
But alas not to be, he required a memory jog
He underestimated the borg inability to hold grog.
Now he's in trouble with the Captain chick
Who's again threatening to demote him quick
And Chakotay is standing, hand upon hip,
Looking hungrily at Paris' spare pip.
Little Harry Kim is spitting and swearing
To beat the bejesus outta Paris this evening.
Oh, Torres too, I forgot to mention,
She figures Paris had some other intention.
The doctor, I guess, has something to say
But concedes to shoot glares Paris' way.
The Talaxian is huffing and pacing a path.
Only hope Mr Paris does not suffer his wrath.
But good old Tuvok is most in aggression,
He's going through pon-farr this Halloween celebration.

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