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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - John Kennedy
© www.CODAGallery.com

In Silence He Comes

~By sunshngirl

Have you ever wondered how he comes
Into your life to dwell.
The Savior of Gethsemane his love for you doth swell.
He knocks upon each of our hearts,
and hopes to find us there
with open arms to welcome him
as his teachings he longs to share.

He teaches love, He teaches faith, He teaches us of hope.
He teaches us of home above and mansions waiting there.
With heavenís blessings waiting for us for him to share.
He comes with no trumpets sounding,
He comes with no applause.
He only comes in Silence
and knocks upon the door
Itís up to us to open it and welcome him inside
And ask for him to there stay forever to abide.

Have you ever wondered how he comes
into your life to dwell.
To fill your soul with heavenís love and your gladness swell.
He will not come with force, He will not come in glory,
He only comes to those who wait to hear his missions story.
Invite him in, let him come.
Youíll find him knocking there.
He said so very long ago to his disciples there.
And the call still comes today
come follow me and in your heart Iíll stay.

Have you ever wondered how he comes
Into your heart each day.
He only comes in silence as we kneel each day to pray.

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