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Poetry Contest Entry

The Window To Nowhere
Artist - Unknown
© Tallypress.com

My Light

~By Star Anise

As I sit at my window
What do I see?
A world full of strangers
A reflection of me

I continue to stare
Looking for you
But you are not there
No light shines through

I turn away quick
A tear in my eye
Don't want the world to see
How hard I cry

I go to my room
And curl up in bed
Too many emotions
Fill the space in my head

Where are you now?
What would you say
If you were able
To see me this way?

Would you pull me up close?
And hold me so tight?
Tell me you'll be there
Through the long, lonely nights?

The clouds roll over
The sky grows dark
Something is missing…
A hole in my heart

I hide under the covers
As the thunder claps
Alone and afraid
And then the door taps…

I open the door,
Blink twice, back pace
You're standing before me
A smile on your face

You reach for my hand
And squeeze it so tight
Now I won't let you go
You know this is right

I guide you upstairs
A shiver up my spine
Still in awe of it all…
The fact you're all mine!

The pleasure intense
So happy are we
The girl in the window
No longer is me

And as we are bonded
Our bodies form one
I look in your eyes
My troubles are gone

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