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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Bodytech.com

Scars On The Heart

~By JediTrunks13

Was driving down the road one night
When someone hit the car
I had no chance to see it coming
Though I felt the impact hard
I knew I couldn't do anything
Though I had to try my best
In an instant the car met a tree
A branch met my chest
I saw my life flash before my eyes
All agony aside
I saw the road that led me here
The happiness that died
Lightning lit up the night
And I heard thunder crash
The shirt I wore now nonexistent
Which revealed the brutal gash
The rain poured down around me
Could this be my final grave
I stare at the stars above
As the sky fades away

The wound there on my chest, goes right down to my soul
Another scar now on my heart, how many can it hold

I know now that the road was life
And what hit me, that was you
Now I sit alone in the dark
Lost and Confused
My love for you will never end
My feelings are still strong
It pains me to the depth of my soul
To think that "us" was wrong
So now I pray alone at night
For a second chance with you
So you may see the depths of my love
And feel the way I do
But if that day shall never come
I wish you happiness in life
For that alone helps ease the pain
And take the edge off the knife

The knife pushed deep in my back it precise through the soul
Another scar on my heart, how many can it hold

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