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Poetry Contest Entry

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Artist - Gail Goodwin

People Change

~By Jane

people change every day.
they are never the same, not today and not next tuesday,
and it's one thing to say that you love someone for who they are,
but what about tomorrow? what about when tuesday rolls around,
and they've dyed their hair and turned vegan
and suddenly think rap music's fantastic,
and they aren't who you loved today
at all?

you will love them on tuesday.
you will love them,
because it is not a reasonable thing, love -
because however wonderful they were today
you never really loved them for being wonderful,
but chose them in blind and most admirable faith.
you will love them on tuesday.
and you will go on choosing them every day,
for no reason, and you will think them beautiful in blue hair.

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