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Artist - Lucasfilms

Bounty Hunter Lore

~By Tarik Logan

"They say ol' Fett's come back again,"
Flinn walked in and said (with grin)
"He's back? So where exactly has he been?"
I looked up and said to Flinn.

"He came an' went thru a Sarlacc Pit,
An' then came back (burned up a bit)
He sez 'twas Solo what swung an' hit
Ol' Fett into that Sarlacc Pit."

So I sat, an' figgered, an' I thought:
"If Fett's come back (I'm sure he's not)
Why is it I ain't been shot?
An' why ain't all my work for naught?"

Well Flinn, he sits 'n' sez to me:
"'Cuz he's not yet back (but soon will be)
He wuz in a Sarlacc Pit, you see-"
An' then ol' Fett, he done shot me.

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