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Poetry Contest Entry

The Modern Mind
Artist - Temple Lee Parker
1997-99 Temple Lee Parker

Things Will Never Be The Same

~By K'HIv

I go up to my moms room to wake her; but she's never there.
I walk past the computer room to say "good morning" to mom; but she never responds.
I go into the kitchen for breakfast waiting for mom to ask for coffee; but she never calls me.
I turn to kiss my mom and say "I love you"; but it's never her.
I call home for a ride and hope mom picks up the phone to tell me she's on her way; but she doesn't.
I wait for my mom to tell her how my day had gone; but she's never around.
I look for mom when I need her advice; but I can never find her.
I get into a scuffle with my brother and I expect mom to settle it; but she doesn't.
I watch TV and listen for mom to ask me to clean the kitchen; but she never asks.
I sit in the dining room waiting for mom to come home from BINGO; but she hasn't come home yet.
I go to bed everyday believing I'll wake from this nightmare; but I wake everyday to the same emptiness as the day before.

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