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Poetry Contest Entry

Wood Nymph
Artist - Josephine Wall
Josephine Wall


~By Unknown

Love is like a river
A miracle to be exact
A wonder of nature
Perfection that is intact

Love is a work of art
Something none should miss
Held close to our heart
And blessed with every kiss

Love is a hidden treasure
Buried countless days and nights
Filled with shimmering joy and ecstasy
And seen through many sights

Love is like a child
Filled with energy and joy
Something everyone cherishes
Appreciated by every girl and boy

Love is like a dove
Shining with beauty and grace
A beautiful creation
Which cannot be encased

Love is like a caged animal
Waiting to be set free
Filled with terror and kindness
Unlocked with only a special key

Love is like a piece of glass
It shatters in a heart beat
Repaired with the simplest tools
Protects us through any feat

Love is like an owl
Both beautiful and wise
Haunting us in our dreams
And a master of disguise

Love is the tie that binds
For a single second or forever
Some are lucky to find it
Accomplishing the greatest endeavor

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