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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Randy Asplund
© Randy Asplund

Analyzing You From Afar

~By J. Fisher

Your mind pursues me
In a way that it shouldn’t
Your eyes wrap around
The most tender parts of me
My lips soften with the smallest hope
That yours will absorb them
And my little hands ache
With the desperate need
To fit themselves into yours
But now with this distance
That sits between us
I can certainly analyze you
From afar

You left me here, alone
As you made your way
Into another
You watched me dive
Into my own deep end
Struggling for breathe
While you slept silently

You loved me hard
For so long
I was your Princess
And you my Prince
And now I see
A different man
Looking over at me
As if I were a stranger
In this mighty Kingdom
In this mighty Empire
Built with four strong hands

I’ve drank myself deep
Into countless bottles
Even melted myself into
The hands of others
I have cried through the night
And hid from the day
My stomach is filled
With the taste of nothingness
My flesh and bone
Are parting ways
I cannot feel
The life that lives inside me

But the days will pass
And I will grow strong
And surely recognize that
You have graced me
With so many things
But the finest thing
You could have ever given me
Was the enlightening chance
To analyze you
From afar

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