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Poetry Contest Entry

Snow Dragons
Artist - Graeme Base
Graeme Base

The Shadowed Glen

~By Raederle

Welcome to the Shadowed Glen
Through the fabric of time.
An unknown realm to mortal men
Of rhythm and of rhyme

The rainbows shine above the trees.
The unicorns prance by.
A shadow falls o'er the seas,
As the dragon e'er flies.

Singing in the Promised Land,
Are Mermaids with flesh so white.
They call and wave: "We've fish to save,
But come see our moons tonight,
Come see our moons so bright!"

The green grass grows for farmers' keeps.
The blue is for the Hinds.
And in the Vale a Giant sleeps.
A great mound undefined.

The for'er glorious starlight
By which the Elves do aide.
The massive caveways alight
That the Dwarven kin made.

To say farewell to the Shadowed Glen
Of beauty and valor and mirth
To return to the land of mortal men
Tis a travesty of tremendous girth.

But always know that it is here.
It will always be nearby.
And know that, without a fear.
The dragons for'er fly.

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