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Poetry Contest Entry

Diamond Mask
Artist - Stephen Bradbury
© Stephen Bradbury

Angels In Despair Unite And Live Again

~By Munro

I live in the deep blue ocean seeing nothing except loneliness, sunlight has left me, as many did before him.
I feel alone, even the fish donít come and smile to me.
A drop in the Ocean I am, no one sees me, no one cares.
I am here but I am not, no one knows me and I donít know me either.
I look far but can only see close,
I hold out my hand but I only feel hate.
is this the world we love?

God did you leave me, because I felt I left my hope long ago.
No guide to lead me to the Light, no friends to give me the helping hand.
I turn my head to the earth, I get sand in my eyes.
Even mother earth wants me gone.
Am I lonely or do I do not want to see.
Am I me or am I Thee?
I can only see my nose as far as it reaches, no one want me and no one cares.
I try to swim but I fail.
I feel alone.

Loneliness as my ally, the world as my Enemy.
I donít care of what they say, since they donít even listen to what I pray.
I try to make sense but even then I am delirious.
If I fall, I cant get up.
They walk over me like I am nothing, nothing of importance.
I am a human but I feel like a lonely soul.
Why do they not see me, I can scream but even the echo refuses to listen to my heart.

I can't cry anymore because I am to tired.
I try to smile but my cheeks are expired.
Even life has a date and log.
My life has only lost the inner clock.
Times can go by without me noticing it.
I see Day as Night and Night as Day.
I donít know the difference on this Depth,
I can look up but sunlight is gone like a soul theft.
Why god why, I am a human and I am your fly.
I am your Child and I cant even cry.

When I want your reply I only hear silence.
Donít worry God, I am already use to this Love.
What love I am wondering, well love of many like hatred that runs this world.
I donít care if I survive or die, hell ain't my heaven but heaven ain't my hell.
I am doomed to stay on this place, see my body fade away.
I'll sit here until the end of time praying my life will end. But you have no mercy and you do not care.

But then I listen and I hear a laugh.
Do you laugh at me or am I a fool?
I wouldnít know I have been here longer then any soul.
I hear voices and I hear pain.
I hear the daily life of the world again.
God why am I here, I know because you needed a slave.
But then I feel Love and Care, I turn around and there she is.
A girl that is also in despair, she hugs me and kisses my face.

For the first time in my life I feel no fear.
I hold on to her and we start to raise, gaining height ain't I amazed.
This can't be happening this can not be true.
She kisses my lips and we reply with I Love You.
Did you put your hand on me father or have you forgiven me?
I know I am not angry anymore for what you have chosen for me to do.
This woman this lady, I cant wish for more from thee.

I am smiling and my cheeks aren't gone but they are here.
We reach the surface and I get blinded by the Sunlight.
Is that you or my Friend Shining?
I donít know but I do not ask for more.
We raise above the water and spread our wings, we fly to the land and rest in our humble home.
We kiss each other and smile.
We are in paradise even after we suffered from our Fears and our living Hell.
Donít care about the past, we are home and we like it here.

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