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Poetry Contest Entry

Barbie Cheerleader
Artist - Unknown

Wanna Be Like Jenny

~By Amanda Sielu Paris

The prom queen, perfect cheerleader
She's the perfect blonde
Everyone wants to be like Jenny
You're no exception
She's the most popular
But it's not as good as it seems

While she's all smiles, there's shadows
Her mother was in her place
Married the star quarterback a few months along
And Jenny's on the same path

You wanna be like Jenny
Everything looks perfect
But I promise it's not all going her way
It's not all placid and smooth
Despite all this
You wanna be like Jenny

You aren't Jenny because you're you
Not everyone can be Jenny
But not everyone can be you
Not even Jenny
You may pay your dues now
But you'll blossom when she wilts
You'll be stronger on the climb as she falls
High school doesn't last forever

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