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Poetry Contest Entry

Watching the  Sunset
Artist - Unknown
Five Star Ranch, 2003

Until He Saw Her

~By Amanda Sielu Paris

He rode into another small town
In true cowboy style, he immetiately broke hearts
Any girl would give up that quarterback
Just for a summer with him
He was the biggest news in that small town

She was invisible to everyone but him
A small girl waiting for her first chance at love
Still innocent to life, wide-eyed to experience
Surrounded by no one who saw until him

The cowboy who rode into town
The small town girl coming into limelight
They lit up the summer, burned up the wire
Rumors went flying, jealousy was king
No one saw her until him

She was a newly polished gem
A hidden treasure found
The old folk learned her name fast
She never graced their lips until him
He saw right away what they never

The summer began to fade
In true cowboy fashion, he left at sundown
Left the town upside down
He left the new her in his wake
Now everyone saw her

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