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Poetry Contest Entry

James Bond and Spyder, Twisted By Z

Artist - Unknown
The James Bond Diner Gallery

The Spyder

(With apologies to William Blake)

~By Sonata Form

"Spyder! Spyder!" I exclaim,
"Crawling 'round the bathtub drain!"
Will my mortal hand or foot
Squish thy strangely fright'ning form?

How can your shape, so inoffensive,
Make so many apprehensive?
Why do I hold such horrid dread
For this one minute octaped?

Were you made, with this intent,
To cause the squeamish such torment?
'Tis one of God's celestial antics:
The tiny make the titans frantic.

Perhaps they are a test of pity:
Small creatures neither cute nor pretty.
Do we humans, so immense,
Have cause to end your existence?

Today I will toss you outside
Where you can peacefully reside.
I shall respect your right to be...
As long as you are not near me.

"Spyder! Spyder!" I exclaim,
"Crawling 'round the bathtub drain!"
Should my mortal hand or foot
Dare squish thy itsy-bitsy form?

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