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Poetry Contest Entry

Rabz Illustration

Artist - Alan Rabinowitz.
Alan Rabinowitz

The Dream

~By AriannaKathryn

The Dream of a boy
So young and so bold
Seems to come from afar
The truth still yet unknown

Destiny takes its grip
Upon the Sword of Faith
Careful not to slip
The release of fate

A grand city is built
The stones all carefully set
Not a flower shall wilt
For perfection is met

Of grace and peace
Is this city made
No Evil shall see
Beyond the Lake

But deep within
The Devil sleeps
Working the wind
So that many will weep

The great battle is fought
And a King will perish
All the sorrow is wrought
At the sound of the Devils death wish

The walls that were once white
Shining with Heavenly light
Are now darkened and worn
A legend is formed

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