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Poetry Contest Entry

Fighting Forms
Artist - Franz Marc
© Art.com

Too Many Secrets

~By Robert Griffith

Upon the dusty trail of lifeís journeys you will find,
Many words uttered once thought left behind,
They may never know what they have missed,
But I always remembered, just like my first kiss.

A syllable-by-syllable expression of hate,
Often times swirls through this fertile gate,
Once only thought to have been in passing,
You didnít realize I might just be laughing.

Too many secrets in this world do I know,
So few of them worth putting my life on the go,
Each one provides eternal stagnation,
Swirling through this manís imagination.

Some may ask if all this has been a shame,
I have only begun to think of it as a game,
Of life, of love, of memories past,
Few secrets have ever been able to last

Do you consider this only passion a pain?
With so few feelings unabashed in vain,
A riddle of words and truths not truthful,
Have I made a mistake and it not been fruitful?

Much fun it is to know that you donít see,
One of these days you will have to come with me,
And see that which I hold close to my heart,
Didnít you know this was only the start?

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