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Poetry Contest Entry

Close Up - Tiger
Artist - Unknown

Unchain The Tiger

~By Dark Angel

Trapped in this prison of my mind,
Forever in chains that snare and bind.
Will I ever find the key?
Freedom from these walls is not meant for me.
Life should be a colorful spectrum by night and day,
For me, it's always shades of black and dark gray.
Who did I wrong in a past or this present life,
To deserve this unending and torturing strife?
My thoughts are filled with constant pain.
Even the newest of reeds will break under such strain.
Most people have pain mixed with pleasure,
But for me, there is no such treasure.
This battle I must not loose, I must forever fight.
Until the moment when day turns to forever night.
A friend will walk with you through the depths of hell.
But what is a friend? I no longer can tell.
Someone you can trust with the deepest secrets of life?
The same will then stick you in the back with a knife.
When you question the creature as to why they did this,
You will only meet with a bloodstained hand, and a poison kiss.
Through the jungles of life you must constantly fight,
But you will never see the Cobra until the fatal bite.
So who can be trusted? Again, I don't know.
The humans of this earth, to hell they can go.
They think they are perfect, never wrong, always right.
With this blinding them, they will never see what comes in the night.
They live in their perfect world of sunshine and roses.
They do not know that the Hunter has many masks and poses. Humans have ruled this earth for far too long.
They think they are right, when they are gravely wrong.
Perhaps it would be wise to let them destroy each other?
Race against race, brother against brother?
Do they not know that the color of their skin,
Is an excuse that is far to thin?
Regardless of their bodies, eyes, skin or head,
When the Hunter comes, they will all bleed red.
Time on their clock is clicking closer to zero.
There will be no hope, no dreams, no hero.
For all the creatures that humans have caused death and pain,
Your suffering will no longer be in such vain.
They say "Divided we fall, United we stand".
No longer does that matter, the year of the Tiger is at hand!!!

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