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Poetry Contest Entry

Angel and God
Artist - Rheandra Heike Kickeritz

My Cousin Trey

~By Mgan Shaver

Trey was like an angel here on earth.
Everyone knew that at his birth.
He was different than most kids are.
To us he was a shining star.

Cerebral palsy is a cruel disease,
That cripple and takes away your abilities
To see and walk and talk like me,
And never have the chance to be.

At the age of 3 Trey became
A member of Holy Angel's fame.
Those children that are taken there
Have handicaps that seem so unfair.

Yet those who came to know our Trey
Will tell you that for them everyday
Their lives were forever changed
In many ways that may seem strange.

Many of the care givers will tell
That even though he was rarely well
And feeling pain just seeing the color red
Would bring a smile to him instead.

Trey truly triumphed through trials and pain
Angels are among us and to him they came.
And at the age of 24 on October 26, 2001
His heavenly life had just begun.

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