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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Scenic-Route


~By Patricia Evans

So, you have remained.
From those who had crossed
the land of the comparison,
you had taken their heads off
without them to unsheathe their swords
And it seems that time
had been your permanent ally,
for all of your rivals,
with heads still on their necks,
had commited suicide
Oh, those treacherous heads of them:
those that had fallen in the Pantheon
and those that had maddened alone...
I proclaim you, astonishing
hors councur
That, who will dare to repress you,
you will crush him with the smallest effort
of your single intelligence
You are, in fact, a king not to be equalled
who had never saved
any who had invested against you
and whose throne,
from where you will reign doubtless,
is the folded skirts of my dress

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