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Poetry Contest Entry

Flamenco Gold
Artist - Fletcher Sibthorp
© Fletcher Sibthorp

Death's Dance

~By Ammie

Dark angels call through shifting sands
whilst time take deaths waiting hand,
Twilight turns on raven wing
to lead the banner of bone bared kings

White orchid crowned, the sleeping queens
grace silently this endless dream,
Soft beckoning to passing crowd
take sorrowed light from milky eyes.

Lift shrouded veils in dire kiss
to steal the dew from ruby lips,
Let babes born cold to mothers breast
Embrace our womb of timeless rest.

Sweet maidens once your youth beguiled
tease now the night with fleshless smiles.
And proud veined hands that stand bereft
come, join your consortís waltz of death.

Grave trumpets tune a knightly deed,
will he ride true, this mid-night steed?
To ghost the dust of once proud stone,
yield now his sword of quests undone.

Whispered now, our shaded song
no opal keep will stay you long,
No virtue, pain or bond thatís fast
Shall turn you from this spectral path.

Twilight turns on raven wing
to lead the banner of bone bared kings,
Dark angels call through shifting sand
whilst time takes deaths waiting hand.

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