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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Unknown
European Dragons

King Or Country

~By Anakin the Corrupted

The sky was hazy
And the snow was white
And the king was anxious
To see his daughter again

The gate was lowered
And the doors swung open
As a woman stepped in
With a sack in her hand

She approached the throne
With a graceful appeal
She handed the bag
To the man in the throne

He smiled and gazed
At his full grown daughter
And opened the sack
Then frightfully stared

The cloth on his legs
Held a blood soaked blade
The ring of his wife
And a lock of his hair

He looked up
To see his daughter now gone
And he held the blade
To his shield near and dear

The crowd of the court
Stared in awe
As their faithful king
Threw the blade in the air

Later that night
As the dragons fed
The life of the land
Was slain by the king

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