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Poetry Contest Entry

Zil The Magic Dragon
Artist - Kevin Palivec
Kevin Palivec

Zil The Magic Dragon

~By Craig Mallon

Zil The Magic Dragon,
Lived by O Tee Eff
And when let loose her mighty cry,
She damned near made us Deaf,

One day Zil, she felt unloved,
The dragon began to wail,
Her tears ran like a river,
Her sobs were like a gale,

Everyone was soaked in tears,
They began to swim around,
"We'll all be drowned" said Zannie,
"If a solution can't be found"

As the water level climbed up,
Zan thought desperately,
"Everyone loves Dragons,
If only Zil would see!"

Then Leeta, brave and noble soul,
She rapped apon Zil's Door,
And said softly through the keyhole,
"Mighty BossDragon Cry No More"

"We peeps we all love these Dragons!
The one who sounds like Connery!
And great red Smaug from 'The Hobbit'
And Puff down by the Sea!"

And Zil at last stopped crying,
But finish your poems and artwork soon,
Or else she'll start all over again,
'cause Dragon month's this June

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