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Artist - Unknown
Sebastion Studios

The Silent Knight

~By Aussie Lore

St. George walked the hall,
Quietly, confidently, quickly-
To deliver a message to the tower tall,
But he soon began to feel sickly.

For, although he was a trustworthy man,
Capable of almost any action or deed,
St. George had done what any person can:
He forgot the message whilst riding his proud steed.

And his strong armour went Clank! Clank! Clank!
Until he could stand it no more.
Step by step, his confidence shrank,
As he neared the big oaken door.

His entourage quietly walked behind, around, ahead,
Moving quickly in their sturdy leather boots.
And step by step, they too began to dread,
While the wise owl mockingly hoots.

As the door comes closer, it became startingly true,
This was it, no turning back, it's too late now.
No going back, only forward, and through.
He would deliver the message, he stepped forward and bowed.

"Arise good St. George, most reliable knight,
Tell me your message, please now, pray start!
My goodness! Your face appears such a fright!
What's wrong?" "My Lady, a Brain Fart."

"A Brain Fart, you say? What's that, I ask?"
"A creature that attacks the mind."
"I sent you out on a simple enough task,
And this is what you go and find?!"

"But my Lady, this is true, I copped this unfortunate creep
Just as I neared the home of the dragons.
It slunk by as a snake, attacked us in our deepest sleep!"
"No doubt assisted by ale in many flagons."

"Please do not be skeptical, this story is true!
Once I discovered where is the dragon's lair's heart,
I decided I'd come back, and report to you!
Oh, if not for this cursed Brain Fart!

"Now I cannot remember any detail, my Lady! Not a thing!"
"Good Knight, I forgive you if this is not a pun."
And silently outside, the large dragons took wing,
And flew off, grinning widely, into the setting sun.

For they had earlier accepted the fact
Of, in the game of life, where they played their part.
And how they held a secret, silent pact
with the army of the Brain Farts.

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