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Poetry Contest Entry

Hatchling of Gold

Artist - Vicky Orman
© Vicky Orman

My Sweet Lil Baby Dragon

~By T'val

Little dragon
So tiny yet
But everything
On you is
Already perfect.
So pure and
Truly innocent.
Now babbling
In funny lil' tunes.

Baby dragon
You are bringing
The best and the
Worst out in me.
Before I thought
I would teach
Now I know
I am as much
Learning myself.

Golden dragon
Smiling at me
You make my heart
Melt away like ice
In the sunshine.
Really impossible
For me not to
Break out laughing
When you start giggling.

Little Dragon
Golden dragon
Looking at you
My heart fills
With an all including
Overwhelming love
My dear beloved
My truly adored
Lil' baby daughter.

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