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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Unknown


~By Seph

It hunts at night, vanquished by day,
A predator stalking human prey,
It fills us all with silent dread,
When down we lay our sleepy head,

In our restless slumber strikes -
A dream of terror in the night,
In many different forms it comes,
The clash of thunder, the beat of drums,

Sleep - the world of the nightmare,
Our secret fears our hidden there,
It walks down conscience's shadowy lane,
Beware imaginations bane!

But while our hearts they race in fear,
There is one truth we can hold dear,
When we awake, asleep no more,
It must retract its shadowy claw,

So worry not your pretty face,
Do not fear it's cold embrace,
For all its power, it's dark allure,
By day the nightmare is no more.

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