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Poetry Contest Entry

Lonely Heart
Artist - Ruane Manning
© Ruane Manning

The House of Broken Dreams

~By Tin-Char D'Un

I roam from room to room,
Staring at a life that used to be,
Silently examining; reflecting.

Haunted by the ghostly figures
Of a past Iíll never leave;
That will never leave me.

Itís never easy letting go,
But perhaps itís what I need -
Just to run; forget.

Forget the years of happiness;
The years of joy.
The love.

Turn and escape;
Hide from a life
That I know is meant to be.

Each room tells a story;
But the tale remains the same Ė
Itís one of fond farewells.

I look upon the empty space,
Where once our bed had stood.
It hurt.

It hurt to think of the joy we shared;
The love we showed;
What of it now?

Now thereís nothing;
Just a shadow.
An empty space in an empty room.

An empty room in an empty house
That, for a while at least,
Played host to an empty heart.

I carry that emptiness with me now,
It burns into my soul,
Leaving still more emptiness.

Thereís only one that can fill that void;
She knows it, yet she remains
In her own prison.

And so, with a sigh,
And heavy heart,
I continue my journey alone.

Away from the house of broken dreams.

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