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Artist - Unknown
© Defend America

Dear Daughter

~By Jason Spade

Dear Daughter,

I know youíre too young to understand my sweet words,
But I send this today so that tomorrow youíll know.

I left on that day with a big job to do,
And I hope on this day that Iíll come back home to you.

I miss you my child because I'm so far away,
but until my jobís done I have no choice, but stay.

I made an oath long ago and that still holds true,
To protect the world's freedom for people like you.

Many donít understand why weíre out here today,
but when I see the young faces I am glad that I came.

Some kids donít have homes and many are very poor,
A few live in homes without a roof or a door.

I saw a young boy with a gun in his hand,
I saw the fear within him when I stepped on his land.

I pointed right at him, what was I too do?,
I just wanted to help him, but he had no clue.

I took his gun away, and he began to cry,
I gave him a big hug and said my goodbye.

It isnít their fault they act in this way,
many were taught young to kill me someday.

But donít worry my child, for daddy is still here,
Just waiting to come home, so please have no fear.

I say goodbye for now.. because daddy needs his rest,
I have a long day tomorrow.. I need to do my best.

I will never feel lonely because I know what to do,
because right by my side, I have a picture of you.

Your father and American Soldier,

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