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Poetry Contest Entry

O'Er the Ramparts We Watch Recruitment
Artist - Photographer: David Pollack
Poster by Jes Schlaikjer
© K.J. Historical/Corbis

A Soldier's Tale

~By Matt

I smelled the roses that bloomed today, and basked in the warmth of the sun's rays.
But no matter how I try to hide, inside, a soldier am I.

Built of honor and pride, and a strength that can't be denied I seek to turn the wrongs into right, and stand for those unwilling or unable to fight.
I stand by their side, vigilantly, althrough the night.

This is my job, and I do it with all my heart and might, to see a person's face light up in delight.
I see how this is my destiny, alright.

So when hard times are in the air, call upon me and I'll be there, donít be I'll make it alright, I swear, in a world thatís not always fair.

Short, tall, fat, or small, at my feet all evil shall fall.
If I die, I'm not some hero on a wall.
Know that I didn't fight for the one - I fought for them all.

I fought for freedom and peace, all the things I cherish and love and knew.
I am no hero I can say this, cause I'm just like you.

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