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Poetry Contest Entry

Strange gathering
Photographer - Denis Scott
Denis Scott/Corbis

The Day Of Mine

~By Cosmic Surfer

It became the day of Man
When he appeared upon the land
Created by some Cosmic plan
To try Humanity

The choices then were his to make
To use the World for his own sake
But he was not prepared to take

As time went on he soon became
King of all in his domain
But evil in him did remain
It bred insanity

For more and more he always cried
His greed was never satisfied
Many trillions fought and died
For his stupidity

While his own life was safe and sure
He would not help the weak and poor
Who hungered just beyond his door
He could have easily

Now it seems the time has come
His reign on Earth is nearly done
As he becomes endangered from
His own technology

So it is the Day of Man
He has the power within his hands
Will he do everything he can
To save humanity

The choices still are his to make
To use the world for his own sake
But is he yet prepared to take

Comments: I wrote this awhile ago when I was a sailer up in the North Atlanitc. The isolation was good but it was easy to be drawn into deep mind sets. This is one of my first attempts at poety. I'm not sure if this is all of it , but it's close. I even put music to it ...enjoy!!!

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