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Poetry Contest Entry

Santiago The Great
Artist - Salvador Dali

Grass Child

~By Pretahunter

Enlightened views of reversed meaning,
Power consumes the limitless knowledge,
Emotions transposed, you fit the mold,
And the new day is ending with a sunrise.

Anarchy disproves the function of night,
And you feel as if you actually don't feel,
But loath in the self-harmony of shadows,
Until the day comes when you're automatic.

Inhale the rising plague of older bondage,
Exhale the descending cure of younger freedom.
Leap into the endless reflections of distortion,
And you will find the true meaning of survival.

Release the painless sting of the public cries,
Blown clear past the point of recognition,
You, like many others, are not growing,
Within you is the ability to corrupt the nations.

Born in the light, but living in the darkness
Of a draining comfort, you are so empty now,
Yet you remain so calm for someone like you,
I don't understand exactly where you've been.

I can hear the screams inside your dying soul,
But it seems as if you're still so far away,
One word can save you from all of this insanity,
Open your mind and let it flow like running water.

Accept my offer for a life without meaning,
And I will take you to the ends of the earth,
Only you understand the idealistic images,
And only I can reverse the darkened effects.

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