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Poetry Contest Entry

Artist - Buh

The Magic of Membok

~By Riker1

Once long ago in a very distant place,
A wise and powerful wizard lived in silence.

He never dreamed for he did not sleep,
He never hungered for he did not eat,
and he never grew old for he did not age.

He served his Kingdom as a slave of magic,
and never asked for anything from anyone,
he was always healthly, and never sick.

His life was an on going fairy tale,
Every commoner's dream,
But all he wanted was to live a normal life,
To not have all the answers and have to scheme.

One day the Wizard grew weary of his routine,
And decided to seek out Membok,
The most powerful of them all,
The one who even Kings would line up for years to see.

The wizard pleaded his case to the mighty Membok,
and prayed to make him a normal human being.
Membok understood his case but had to inform him,
That he was not all seeing.

Membok was a figment of everyone's imagination,
someone who was created by all who wanted a being,
To exist like him who would be all seeing.
You see he said, Membok means "the magic inside of you"

The next morning he woke,
Hungry, tired, and a little older.
He had gotton his wish and his prayers had been answered,
Now a fair lady could cry for he had a mortal shoulder.

The magic of Membok was amazing to say the least,
But that night the man who was a wizard,
Instead of being a slaved magician of the Kingdom,
Was asked to join his King and Queen at the royal feast.

He became a poet, a writer, and married the Princess.
He finally said one day,
One rainy day at that castle,
Whoever says that dreams don't come true,
Just need to understand the magic's in you.

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